Business application for geo-informational analysis

Business GeoIntelligence - BGI- B(G)I

The questions of customer location and how to find the places where sales can be maximised or improved are important ones for any business. In response to these
questions, the Merkury – Business GeoIntelligence application has been created.  This application provides insight into spatial relations and customer location and allows the
identification of regions with good sales potential. Values related to sales in specified areas are presented with a full visualisation of the numerical data on a map. Tools
are available for the analysis of sales volume with reference to products and distribution points. Descriptive data from the ERP system are displayed on the map the form of a bar chart showing, for example, sales of a particular type of product.

The above-mentioned analysis is just one example of how this application can be used. The type of analyses that Mercury can carry out depends on the issues at hand, the available data, and the type of data we would like to illustrate. An example could be a map of an industrial plant with all its evacuation routes and hazard areas or one of a shop floor with all the significant issues related to the processes which occur therein. The possibility feature of reading data from the ERP system or other tabular  data can provide the appropriate backdrop to an analysis of various phenomena or process.

Technological parameters
Among the tools is a module for exporting data from the ERP database. The application can be used with selected data, for example, from the GUS (Polish
Statistical Data Office) database or other available internal client databases relating to the purchasing power of customers according to their income. A browser has been
developed for visualising graphical data which reads data in the shape (shp.) file format. Shapefile is a popular vector graphic file format, which is applied with geo-
spatial data used in Geographic Information Systems and developed on the basis of an open standard. Geometric data are fully integrated with descriptive data.

Functional parameters

  • a sales analysis with the placement of graphs on an administrative map of  in the shapefile format –valuable in cross-sectional value analysis by customers or products,
  • the reading of data from the ERP system (data import from any ERP system),
  • data aggregation in accordance with QAD Enterprise Applications aggregation,
  • standards for client data and indexing use of GUS (Polish Statistical Data Office)
  • data or other databases for research into purchasing power within regions,
  • the option of introducing additional tables to expand the data read (sales plans etc.),
  • comparison of aggregate data at the powiat (administrative district) and
    Voivodship levels with statistical data, particularly as regards classification,
  • the option to compile data on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

ILK Solutions has participated in every stage of:

  • the creation of initial postulations,
  • the building of a detailed specification,
  • cooperation with an IT team and the customer in preliminary implementation,
  • implementation and training at the customer’s premises,
  • ILK Solutions is the owner of the copyright for the application.

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