Supply chain management and quality atmospheric air

Controling the product life cycle in geomatics aspect

Digitisation-what it is and benefits for the entrepreneur 

Embed ERP in the third dimension

About the industrial revolution, spatial data and artifical intelligence


Measuring the benefits of geoinnovation on the example of creating the object


Piotr DRĄG *, Anna Maria KAMIŃSKA**, Małgorzata Urszula NOWAK*** 

*Esember Sp. z o.o. Zakładowa 11U/17, 50-231 Wrocław Website

** Faculty of Science and Management, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, 50-371 Wrocław, ul. Ignacego Łukasiewicza 5 Website

*** ILK Solutions Plac Solny 15, 50-062 Wrocław Website

Summary The goal of this article is to present benefits of the modeling of the manufacturing process using geoinformational data. The concepts of geoinnovation and business geomodelling are presented. The article addresses the importance of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in geo-digital transformations. An innovative method of building the object model with the use of geoinformatics has been introduced in this article. Measure and estimate the benefits of geoinnovation for the enterprise.
Keywords: geoinnovations, business geomodelling, geo-datascience, geo-digital transformation, Industrial Internet of Things.

From the review: “The study presented an original look at innovative activities. Geoinnovation is new and seems like a promising prospect of creating innovations. The article provides valuable presentations of the uses of described methods that can inspire further research and practical applications. ”  Phd. Jerzy Tutaj : Faculty of Science and Management, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology – e-mail from 12.05 2019

“Congratulations” Aneta Szablowska-Midor, Jagiellonian University, e-mail from 14.05.2019

“Congratulations – very factual and good article. Now you need to support it with examples of specific applications. “From general to specific”.” prof. Andrew Targowski e-mail 14.05.2019

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The role of information in conscious business 

In the scientific monograph Challenges of modern finance – Wroclaw University.


Summary The goal of this article is to present the role of business information in the management of the economic operator. The article describes the different aspects and effects of information automation. It discusses the characteristics of the end-users digital technology depending on the age group. The article describes the issues related to quality of information systems and assessment of suitability them for the economic operator. This solutions highlights the important role of geoinformation data and expert systems in the development of information technology. The article highlights the important role of production costs as an element of controlling on the profitability of the economic operator.
Keywords: information, information technology, geoinformation, an expert system, costs of production, controlling

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Modern business modeling

In the scientific monograph Legal and financial systems for the operation of selected organizational units –  Wroclaw University.

Summary: The goal of this article is to present the review of business modeling and the application of business indicators in this approach. The role of geoinformation-oriented data in the modeling of business processes was delineated and issues concerning the impact of digital technologies on business modeling and communication among business process participants was presented also. Issues related to the management of organizations are discussed in relation to the environment and social and natural space. The article highlights the important role of a leader in managing strategic planning as a key component of business or institution management.
Keywords: business modeling, business indicators, business communication, strategic management, geo-information, time-space, mathematical modeling, graphic modeling.

“The monograph is focused on examining and presenting problems in the field of financial management regarding various organizational units. This means a broad, multi-layered approach to the issue, because financial problems have economic connections, including management and marketing, social, etc. It is not surprising, therefore, that some chapters (articles) are from the mentioned fields, disciplines or sub-disciplines, but indicate relationships with problems financial and legal. “

prof. Stefan Wrzosek

“Good articles. It’s good that the general wording supports the specificity of your geographical specialization. Can you call it geoinformatics?” prof. Andrew Targowski e-mail 13.02.2019

Contest of Ministry of Investment and Development in category geoinnovations

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Climatic tendencies in the area of the Baltic

In the scientific monograph Climat Lower Silesia – Wroclaw University. 

The publication was created as an abstract of the thesis of the same title, which was submitted to the competition for the best Master’s thesis 1993.

 Summary: The research suggests a long time climate changes on the Baltic Sea. We selected 12 stations as representative climatic stations in the area. In this paper we use the annuals ,”.Monthly Climatic Data” and “World Weather Data”. Changes of air temperature, precipitation, air pressure and atmospheric circulation are discussed. During the past 100 years this area became warmer, but during the last 40 years the tendency weakened, can still be observed only in the largest towns. Strong asso ciations between the changes in the temperature and the atmospheric circulation can be seen. Associations among all elements of climate on the Baltic are discussed but one can atle only some of them.

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