Małgorzata Urszula Nowak – Founder of ILK Solutions – IT business analyst. Managing director of ILK Solutions. Many years of experience with IT companies offering solutions for industry and specialising in GIS systems which encompass business analysis, including the optimisation of processes, software development, information technology, the creation of programming specifications, team and project management. She has completed IT and technological projects for city halls and regional offices as well as for a company board concerning the optimisation of area of finance and business processes. She has experience in working with international corporations which provide IT solutions: an integrated ERP system for business, a system for production scheduling, a bar code system and a system for spatial and geo-engineering analysis. She has a degree in Geography from Wrocław University. She also holds post-graduate diplomas in Banking and Finance from the Wrocław University of  Economy. UNIGIS (System of Spatial Information) a joint project between the Jagiellonian University and  the University in Salzburg, in the protection of the atmosphere and air quality at Wrocław University, Business Analysis at the IT and Management Faculty of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Krzysztof Karsznia – a scientific academic at the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Engineering (SGGW) in Warsaw.
Director of the Office of Land Survey and Spatial Planning. Krzysztof has many years of work experience in businesses supplying geo-informational solutions in Poland and Switzerland. He has completed numerous projects related to the design and implementation of integrated systems of monitoring engineering buildings, mainly for leading businesses in the Polish economy. He has worked at the Swiss Federal Politechnic (ETH) in Zurich. He was involved in engineering and satellite surveying works projects (The Military Technical
Academy in Warsaw) and also holds a diploma in Project Management form the Academy of LeonKoźmiński in Warsaw.

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