Factory of the Future in Startberry

Industry Day

A holistic approach to the digitisation of industry in Microsoft’s concept was gathered at Startberry in Warsaw on 25 March 2019, with 30 Microsoft partners participating in the Factory of the Future project and was very interested.

Many companies have presented very interesting solutions. In Some solutions, we can also talk about Geonalitics applications in the Future Factory concept. There Are solutions for companies such as: Anegis, Chmurowisko, Lucent Intelligence, Billon, Apzumi Spatial. Presentation “In the office and on the first line how to streamline the organization of work with Microsoft technology” based on Microsoft Teams presented selected elements of the use of geoinformatics in enterprise processes.

The first results of Microsoft’s Future Factory concept deployments were presented to customers Polfharma, Skanska, Adamed, Seco-Warwick Group. Connected by Skanska uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and is already a step into full geoinformatics.

The presence of the press and the Microsoft Polska Directorate at the event shows the high rank of this meeting.

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